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Staff Spotlight: Ryan McLatchy

Meet Ryan , EGT Senior Pricing Analyst

Our people are at the core of our business. We are featuring the amazing individuals who make EGlobalTech an exciting and supportive place to work.

Ryan is a highly valued Pricing Analyst who supports the Business Development team at EGlobalTech. Ryan dedicates his time to new business proposals which includes developing and maintaining the financial models for every proposal, presenting pricing strategies on how to win new business, and analyzing impacts on key financial indicators. He also works on price-to-win analysis, which involves performing competitive market analysis to help position EGT to win new business. Most of his day is spent on Microsoft Excel, which motivated him to pursue a MS Office Specialist Excel Expert certification in his free time.

In his own words “Despite being a large business, EGT still operates like a small company in a lot of ways. I am able to get involved and take on responsibilities that are outside the immediate scope of a typical pricing role. I’ve gotten involved in contracts, FP&A, and capture activities. It really has allowed me to expand my knowledge base and made me a more well-rounded professional. I’ve been afforded opportunities at EGT that I likely wouldn’t have gotten in a pricing analyst role at other firms.”

Ryan is the oldest of four siblings, so he always wants to set a good example by working hard and being successful at anything he sets his mind too. He once thought that success was as simple as setting a goal and then reaching it, but he has learned that even if you don’t reach a goal, you gain a great deal of valuable insight through the process of trying. For example, “We don’t win every proposal we go after, but even when we lose, we learn valuable information about our customers, and ways to improve as a company on the next proposal. So to me, if you have the motivation to wake up every day and work on being better than you were yesterday, you are successful.” Ryan says the love for what he does and the great relationships he's gained from collaborating with the back-office team at EGT makes it possible to stay motivated in the unique COVID-19 working environment. Ryan adds, “The people that I work with every day are some of the best I’ve ever been around, and even though I miss seeing them at the office, it doesn’t feel like we’ve missed a beat.”

When Ryan is not busy being a superstar at EGT, he is a craft beer enthusiast. He has been to nearly every brewery in Northern Virginia and over one hundred breweries across the United States. Ryan says if you need a recommendation on where to get a good beer, he is your guy. Ryan also has a green thumb; he owns over twenty-five variations of house plants along with an indoor herb garden and a veggie garden he grows every spring. Last year he used the peppers from his garden to make homemade hot sauce.


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