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Staff Spotlight: Bruce Alyea

Meet Bruce, Sr. ISSO and Team Lead

Our people at the core of our business. We are featuring the amazing individuals who make EGlobalTech an exciting and supportive place to work.

Photo of Bruce Alyea


What experience most prepared you for your current role? I was previously employed with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for 25 years, 17 of which were in IT management and cybersecurity. Following retirement from the BOP, I've been a contractor for the federal government supporting cybersecurity programs, primarily focused on Risk Management Framework and compliance.

To what do you attribute your success with EGT? Something that stands out is my ambition to learn new things. If I’m challenged by something I'm unfamiliar with, I immediately look to educate myself on the subject. Additionally, I ensure tasks are completed on time and properly, and communication is open and clear to everyone. Growth and inclusivity are essential.

Can you tell me something about working within the federal consulting space? I've had the pleasure of working at a variety of government agencies. It's given me insight into how the same federal guidelines can be interpreted and operationally applied and allowed me to bring different best practices to the work site and provide meaningful options and innovation to our clients.

How do you define success? Sometimes it’s looking at the past, did I complete everything I planned to. Sometimes it is looking at those I have mentored, are they successful in what they do in part because of guidance I provided. Personally, I define success by asking myself, am I a better person professionally and personally than I was before.

What inspired you to build a career in Cybersecurity? I find cybersecurity challenging and rewarding. While the understanding that cybersecurity is essential has grown over the years, I occasionally need to justify security requirements to stakeholders. The rewarding part comes when I see my recommendations put into motion, protecting my customers and the public they serve.

What do you see as a future trend? Identifying ways to automate compliance. Currently, every artifact has to be manually created to show compliance with federal requirements. This process can be labor intensive and not always easy to obtain. The use of automation will allow the easy verification that systems do comply with federal standards and removes the human error factor. EGT has been expanding Robotic Process Automation solutions applied to operations and is now moving into cybersecurity. I am very excited to see this grow.

When not focused on customers, what do you do for fun? I enjoy doing DYI stuff. Everything from refinishing tables to building room additions. In recent years I remodeled several friends’ homes along with building a 300sq’ addition onto my previous home. I get great satisfaction from looking at a completed project knowing where it was when I started. Not a fan of doing landscaping though!

Thank you for all you do Bruce, for your dedication to cybersecurity and your invaluable contributions to EGT.


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