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Accelerating Productivity


Cutting-Edge Innovations

Mission-focused, repeatable solutions using AI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Analytics, Low-Code, and As-a-Service (XaaS).
Innovation Lab Products

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Seamless AWS Account Management


Move freely, scale securely.

Jmpr seamlessly manages thousands of Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts and user permissions in a single user interface. AWS users can jump effortlessly between accounts easily and AWS administrators can manage thousands of customer accounts.

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Accelerating Answers

AI-Powered Smart Chatbot


A smart and interactive chatbot to help your customer support team scale.

Auxilium chatbot and analytics dashboard powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) understands the context and intent of user questions and provides solutions to your customers quickly. Always learning and improving.


Create. Click. Deploy

Automated Cloud Migration and Deployment


Automate deployment or migration of your applications to the cloud.

Cloudamatic is an open source deployment tool, Cloudamatic® automates the deployment of entire application stacks to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.


Continuous Website Overwatch

Complete Operational Security Oversight


Completely monitor the security of all web assets.

SiteMonitor user friendly web application that enables real-time testing and verification of HTTPS, email, encryption, and web domain compliance posture for multi-tiered organization’s web assets.

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Extract. Validate. Trust

Automated Data Extraction and Validation


Automate data extraction and validation from forms and PDFs.

Compono is an open-source data extraction tool. It leverages computer vision to automatically extract and validate data across thousands of forms, even if the form structure changes.


Automated Security Vulnerability Testing


Automate security vulnerability scanning on every code commit

Espier® automates and integrates security penetration testing as part of the continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline, enabling early detection and faster remediation of vulnerabilities while ensuring that only secure code is deployed.

Cloudamatic saved our federal customer approximately $1M a month in application maintenance and licensing fees.
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We incubate and develop open-source software solutions to tackle our client's toughest challenges. Our clients have access to the latest and greatest technology solutions through rapid prototyping and solution incubation.


Mission-focused research and development inform our customer solutions. This begins with identifying the most effective solution to fit the problem. We then resolve customer challenges by infusing advanced technical research with existing solutions. 


Accessible thought leadership available to brainstorm and test ideas. Our experts are available to integrate with your project and develop solutions and new techniques rapidly.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Offerings
Our experts automate workflows and processes, empowering your employees to focus on high-value tasks

Process and Workflow Automation

Assess organizational workflows to identify processes that are good candidates for automation

Design Workflow Diagrams

Capture and develop end-to-end visual workflows describing every component of a process and its context

Complete Bot Deployment

Deploy and connect bots into organizational workflows on the cloud or on-premise


Develop bots that automate simple or complex workflows and processes

Office Worker
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Offerings
Our teams build cognitive systems that make complex decisions and generate new insights without human intervention. 

Computer Vision

Automatically extract complex data and information from images to help humans make decisions

Data Lakes

Develop data platforms that integrate all data sets regardless of size, type, or format into a centralized repository to streamline analytics, search, and AI

Cognitive Search

Develop search engines that provide a Google-like search experience and return relevant results regardless of the search input complexity

Machine Learning

Develop analytical models that provide solutions to complex challenges without human


Interactive chatbot services that converse naturally with customers and provide a user analytics dashboard to deliver customer insights

Sentiment Analysis

Analytics and insights that determine how customers are using a system or platform and if they are happy with their experience

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