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Mission, Values, Leadership


A Trusted Partner

We leverage our expertise to achieve enduring results for our clients by being a trusted partner to our customers, teammates, and colleagues.
Meet Our Leadership Team

We work alongside our customers with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results and outperform the competition.

Joseph Zimmerman
Joseph Zimmerman

Operating Unit President  


Illinois Institute of Technology,
Naval Post Graduate School

Tell me about a risk you took that turned out well:

My job for the last 30+ years as a leader has been all about looking at the risk and making the right decision, sometimes those were life or death decisions especially in the USMC.  I see risk as decisions, not gambles.

steve johnson
Steven Johnson

Sr. VP, Business Development



Virginia Tech, 

Univ. of Minnesota

Tell me about a risk you took that turned out well:

I joined the Peace Corp. Two years in Kyrgyzstan (right after the Soviet Union collapsed) for Peace Corps and one year for the United Nations. Three years total, and I loved it.

veronica cuello
Veronica Cuello

VP, Strategic Delivery


Vassar College,

George Mason University

Tell me about a risk you took that turned out well:

I made a career change from management consulting to cybersecurity. I started with self-study and technical certifications. Before long, my career took off. It showed me that people of all backgrounds can succeed in this field if they are willing to learn and work hard!

Freddi Whitlock
Freddi Whitlock

Sr. VP, Delivery


Framingham State College

Tell me about a risk you took that turned out well:

My career was advancing within the hospitality industry and the next step was a leadership role. Instead, I took a chance with a financial services firm and accepted a Business Analyst position in its tech organization. This decision launched my career in technology!

Theresa Grouge
Theresa Grouge

Sr. Director, Contracts and Pricing


 Univ. of Maryland,

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Tell me about a risk you took that turned out well:

I bought a house badly in need of repair at the risk it would be a money pit but in the process of completely renovating it, I have brought back its beauty, value, and crafted a true home.

HeadshotsBrown, Rachel.jpg
Rachel Brown

Director, HR


Washington & Jefferson College

Tell me about a risk you took that turned out well:

On a whim, I moved to Washington, DC to take a job working for someone I had never met. Nearly 20 years later, I am here happily raising my son and calling it home. I learned firsthand, the value of daring to make a bold change.

What We Believe 

Our employees embody our core values and execute our practices.

Be An Expert

  • Hone Your Skills

  • Exceed Expectations

  • Demonstrate Entrepreneurial Spirit

Be Part of the Solution

  • Present Options Not Obstacles

  • Take Initiative, Own It

  • Change is Opportunity

Be a Team Player

  • Value Diversity

  • Have Each Other’s Back

  • Listen More, Talk Less

Our Practices


Your Attitude


Someone's Day

Stay Focused

 in Order to Be There

Find Ways

to Play!


Your Gaze

Industry Recognitions

The results we achieve for our clients have garnered widespread industry recognition.

These sample awards are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees, who understand their client’s mission, think “outside of the box,” apply innovative solutions, and surpass client expectations.

inc 500.png
Woman at work
Women in Technology

  We are fully committed to the growth and success of women in technology. EGT was founded as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) in 1994 and remains a company whose culture embraces the unique challenges of women in technology fields. At EGT we provide the tools, training encouragement, opportunities, and very importantly, the flexibility that makes careers for employees productive and fulfilling. We offer remote work possibilities, online learning programs, and a company led by a majority female leadership team. 

EGT Highway Cleanup 05-11-2022 - 9_websize.jpg

Our Community Outreach Program enriches not only our corporate soul, but allows our employees to use their skills to give back to and serve their community, as well as derive more meaning from their work. Half of the outreach programs we participate in are nominated by our employees each year. We gain valuable insights while volunteering that make us a better business and better people.

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