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Move Freely, Scale Securely


 Introducing jmpr

Easily manage thousands of AWS accounts and permissions in an organization. 
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  • Apply access security easily, rapidly and flexibly across managed users

  • Reduce administrative burden and knowledge needed to administer accounts

  • Reduce training burden for AWS administrators

  • Increase auditability for an Authority to Operate (ATO) or AWS Competency

  • Faster response to issues through faster account access

  • Better segregation of projects

  • Jump between accounts in only 2 steps (vs. the standard 10 steps)

44% to 88% annual staff cost savings over manual operations
For 100 users, estimated savings of $17K per year
For 250 users, estimated savings of $46K per year
For 500 users, estimated savings of $88K per year

Resolve Multiple Account Management Challenges

Challenge 1:
AWS Users

Typical AWS users with multiple AWS accounts with different permissions.
Need to log in to each account separately, multiple times a day, to complete tasks.

Challenge 2:
AWS Admins

AWS administrators manage dozens to thousands of users with a high rate of user change and permission changes.

How does jmpr compare?

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