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Staff Spotlight: Amy Liang

Meet Amy, Business Solutions Tech Lead

Our people are at the core of our business. We are featuring the amazing individuals who make EGlobalTech an exciting and supportive place to work.

Amy is a Tech Lead within our Business Solutions practice, but she also goes by “the data person”. She works to help our clients by using data, whether that entails moving them from their on-premises data management system to the cloud or developing and designing their analytics reporting tool. No matter what problem she is trying to solve for a client, data is what provides the solution.

Before working as a consultant Amy was a teacher for almost 10 years, but for her, consulting provides her with a similar mission. “I like problem solving and I want to help people, that is why I love the role of being a consultant”. Using data, she can solve problems and help our clients in many ways. Amy explains, “Through data you can understand a lot of things. You can see trends, you can predict the future, you can understand the history, and you can see what needs to be improved. It’s very straight forward and it tells the story you want to tell the world.” Her favorite part of working at EGT is how much fun she has every day with her team and her client.

When Amy isn’t solving our clients’ data problems, she is growing as a businesswoman in Tetra Tech’s Fearless Entrepreneurs program. Outside of work she enjoys working with her husband at the restaurant they own together, as well as spending time with her one-year-old child and her two cats.


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