Reduced 70% of ICRAS O&M Costs by Migrating to the Cloud


HHS needed support with development, maintenance, and operations of the Information Collection Request and Approval System (ICRAS). This need included a transition to the cloud to realize better performance and cost savings. ICRAS enables HHS and its agency partners to electronically prepare, track, report on, and administer procedures for obtaining OMB approval for the collection of information from the public.


eGlobalTech rapidly migrated HHS’s ICRAS to Amazon Web Services (AWS).  The entire cloud provisioning and deployment process to development, testing, and production environments was fully automated by Cloudamatic ®, part of eGlobalTech’s DevOps Factory® tool suite. We further established a continuous delivery pipeline, automating the integration and delivery of code fixes and enhancements to production.  This solution enabled customers to utilize new features and capabilities at a fast pace.


  1. Successfully migrated ICRAS to the AWS cloud in less than 6 weeks

  2. Improved defect resolution rate by over 50%

  3. Reduced O&M costs by over 70%

  4. Improved application performance load times by 36%

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