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An Intelligent Chatbot Designed to Welcome Federal Website Visitors

Auxilium enhances the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of federal websites. Simultaneously, it provides valuable insights to federal site teams and offers a rapid mechanism for incorporating narrow or government-wide changes that impact their pages.

In the Fall 2023, OMB released a memorandum, Delivering a Digital-First Public Experience, directing federal agencies to “optimize and organize online content to help the public find what they are looking for as efficiently as possible” and to “make data-driven design and development decisions” to better refine sites and support user experiences. These directives are directly met by adoption of smart bot technology to enhance UX/UI, ease communication with the public, and create decision-guiding data on gaps and trends.

As agencies prioritize these capabilities, selecting an effective federal chatbot involves several factors, including security, scalability, integration and ingestion capabilities, and compliance.

Designed for federal websites and public query portals, Auxilium provides a conversational interface that allows users to interact with the chatbot in natural language (a.k.a. plain English). The chatbot provides guidance on requested information and is enabled to take specific actions after the user provides confirmation. This includes providing immediate Tier I support for common IT issues, which reduces user frustrations and improves satisfaction. Auxilium also comes with an extensive analytics dashboard for system administrators, providing valuable user interaction data, which can be analyzed to identify trends and gaps, improve services, and better understand citizens' needs and concerns. The dashboard can also be used for customized reporting.

In an award winning first year of implementation, Auxilium addressed 5,262 questions, and counting, for a single customer’s public-facing website, saving the agency an estimated 387+ man-hours of technical support.
Government Expertise
  • Award-winning 2023 implementation that showcases our capability to deliver results in the government sector.

  • As an organization with established and trusted presence within the federal government and experience supporting 55+ agencies and commands, each chatbot implementation begins, Day 1, with the advantage of contextualized agency insights.

Process Familiarity
  • Our development and testing teams possess in-depth government process knowledge that streamlines implementation and minimizes learning curves.

  • We stringently adhere to all security and privacy requirements, including handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

  • We integrate 508 compliance and accessibility at the start and through massive language range.

Scalable Solution
  • Our tailored solutions grow with agency needs and are designed to accommodate evolving government standards and requirements.

Auxilium’s Key Technical Features

  • Uses Natural Language Processing to analyze and respond to complex queries, including understanding user intent (e.g., “what’s your address?” and “what’s your location?”).

  • Multi-language support for 55 languages and adherence to 508 compliance in reporting.

  • Offers both text and audio interaction.

  • Establishes critical PII detection.

  • Real and smart conversations ensure customers exhaust all self-resolution

  • Easy data insertion and updates via document and FAQ ingestion, or directly through the dashboard.

  • Seamless integration with external systems, such as Slack, ServiceNow, and Jira, to natively integrate with existing workflows and issue tracking processes.

  • Extensive analytics, including customer usage, response rate, frequently asked questions, and time saved. Dashboard includes a data management portal.

  • Highly scalable to simultaneously handle a large volume of inquiries and conversations.

  • Learns and improves through user interactions.

  • Seamlessly operates on all mobile devices and web browsers.

  • Customizable ‘look and feel’ to match an organization’s website branding.

Powered by the latest AI/ML technology, Auxilium chatbots are designed from the ground up to troubleshoot, support the visitor experience, and serve as a centralized hub for agency-related information and resources. We can provide consulting services to customize the chatbot for your needs, as well as ongoing support and enhancements as needed.


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