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Our Clients Have Saved $1M a Month in Application Maintenance and Licensing Fees

Cloudamatic is a scalable and open source solution created by EGlobalTech (EGT) for automating cloud adoption, migration, and operations.

EGT's Cloudamatic automates the complete deployment and orchestration of infrastructure, security, configuration, and provisioning for any application to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

Developed by EGT Labs, Cloudamatic uses a 100% open source technology stack to ensure it integrates natively with new or existing tool sets and provides interoperability and modularity to the existing system. Given Cloudamatic was developed with no proprietary solutions or tools, this allows us the flexibility to completely open source Cloudamatic to our customers without any subscription fees or additional costs. This relieved our customers from maintaining expensive vendor and software licensing. Once a target state architecture is designed, our clients can deploy their new architecture with a few clicks.

While other deployment solutions only focus on infrastructure, Cloudamatic uses automation to deploy and provision all application artifacts in the cloud of choice, configures all provisioned resources, conveys security and encryption policies to all resources, and orchestrates patches, updates, and operational oversight.

Originally designed for one federal client, it's use was soon expanded to clients across the federal government, resulting in sustainable cost saving for agencies. EGT has also implemented it in the private sector, empowering commercial organizations to see the same cost and time saving benefits.

Cloudamatic has significant implications for the future of cloud deployments as EGT sets the standard for a complete automation solution that targets every aspect of deployment, not just infrastructure – including automated security, grooming, orchestration, monitoring, and updates/patching, which no other offering on the market currently offers. EGT offers a true one click deployment with Cloudamatic.

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