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Migrating and Securing a Geospatial System to the Cloud


A client had a complex geospatial system prototype composed of Microsoft and open source applications with growing number of ArcGIS services. This prototype was used in a production capacity and encountered frequent outages and performance issues.  The need was to migrate this cloud environment to a more stable infrastructure, engineer it for production capacity, and achieve the required level of security compliance.


We applied our DevOps Factory® framework and automation tools to re-engineer the target architecture and automate the end to end cloud migration process onto our managed AWS infrastructure. Leveraging Cloudamatic ®, our open source full-stack automation tool, we automated the provisioning of hardened instances, installation and configuration of applications, networking and security, and orchestration of the complete cloud environments – all performed through a single click of a button. Post migration, we instrumented a Continuous Delivery pipeline empowering development teams to onboard new applications and to rapidly push new code to production.


  1. Migrated and operationalized the geospatial cloud ecosystem to AWS within 3 months

  2. Achieved true high availability, reliability, and consistent optimal performance

  3. Seamlessly supported 400+% growth of geospatial services

  4. On-boarded over a dozen complex applications and systems

  5. Achieved 99.99% operational availability

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