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eGlobalTech Senior Vice President Speaks on Big Data and Cyber Security

ARLINGTON, Va., Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Branko Primetica, Senior Vice President of eGlobalTech (eGT), was recently invited by the Department of State, Office of Public Diplomacy, to give a series of lectures on Big Data and Cyber Security in Serbia and Montenegro. The Office of Public Diplomacy seeks to expand and strengthen the relationship between the people and Government of the United States and citizens of the rest of the world. Mr. Primetica presented big data implementation methodologies, related cyber security impacts, as well as cutting-edge programs to a high-level government conference. The objective of this presentation was to describe a practical approach of how big data programs and solutions can be leveraged to improve the quality and efficiency of public services. In addition, he presented at InfoFest Montenegro, one of the largest Information Technology (IT) conferences on the Balkan Peninsula, gathering both government and industry representatives from across the region. The trip also included consultations with several government ministers and officials regarding eGovernment modernization and cyber security, as well as collaborative outreach sessions at the University of Belgrade, the University of Novi Sad, and American Cultural Centers. eGT is leader in developing and deploying both Big Data and Open Data solutions supporting healthcare and disaster management efforts for the U.S. Government. In addition, eGT supports forward-looking innovative cyber security programs for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

About eGlobalTech

eGlobalTech (eGT) is a woman-owned management consulting and IT solutions firm based in Arlington, Virginia. eGT supports multiple federal customers including the Departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, State, Education, Labor, Energy, the General Services Administration, and Defense. For more information, please visit For More Information Contact: eGT Public Relations (703) 652-0991 |


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