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  • Ross Brooks

EGlobalTech Retains Top Consulting Talent Through Two-Way Communication

Peakon Case Study Feature

EGT Supporting People, Supporting Customers

EGlobalTech (EGT), a Tetra Tech Federal IT company, provides the public sector with innovative solutions, leveraging cutting-edge tools and methodologies to meet the Government’s most pressing business needs.

What we needed

EGT supports federal clients at different client sites, across different states. This creates a dispersed workforce and tethering disparate contracts harmoniously is a natural challenge, especially when it comes to keeping employees connected to the values and mission of our company. Peakon has been instrumental in helping us accomplish that goal.

How Peakon helped

  • Break down communication silos. Peakon has allowed us to stay connected and hear back from the employees on site at a regular frequency. It creates a mass conversation that is measurable against previous results and industry benchmarks.

  • Inform new people initiatives. From an operational view, Peakon tells a story. It captures what people feel is valuable to them and this information informs new initiatives to improve performance and satisfaction across the organization.

  • Improve customer satisfaction. Our clients now experience and can expect less turnover and more engaged employees, while line managers are empowered with site-specific, ground-up insights about how to improve performance and team cohesion.

  • Recognition in the industry. EGT is thrilled to be recognized as a Washington Post Top Workplace in 2021. EGT placed in the top tier for Work-life Balance, Leaders in the Know, Open-minded, Strong Values, Supportive Management, Clued-in Employees.

Growth & Impact

  • From Q1 2020 to Q1 2021 we reduced voluntary turnover by 50%

  • Engagement has increased from 7.5 to 8.5, our eNPS has doubled from 29 to 53, and we’ve seen a significant increase of our promoter score from 47 to 65 in our first year

  • Our current Peakon participation rate has reached an impressive 90%


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