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  • Mansi Pandurangi

EGT Announces Two New Features of the Auxilium AI-Chatbot

Multi-language support, ServiceNow, and Jira integration now augment the high-powered chatbot user experience.

Auxilium, an intelligent chatbot solution, features a conversational interface that uses both text and audio commands to answer user questions efficiently and effectively. Auxilium has endless possibilities for organizations, from relieving help desk workload to assisting with internal training to supporting web portal service functions.

New Feature: Multi-language Support

Auxilium now supports up to 55 languages. Users can ask questions in their preferred language, and Auxilum will respond in the language used. It is flexible and can switch between languages immediately. If you ask one question in Spanish and ask the follow-up question in French, Auxilium will respond in the same language asked automatically in real-time.

New Feature: Jira Integration and ServiceNow

If the chatbot is unable to answer a user's question, Auxilium will now open a Jira or ServiceNow support ticket on the user's behalf, automatically assign the ticket to support personnel and provide the ticket information to the user via email so they can monitor the ticket's status.

What Auxilium Can Do

A tool empowering teams to focus on the bigger picture.

  • Understanding stakeholders’ intent, for example, “what’s your address?” and “what’s your location?” return the same results

  • Conversational interface which facilitates back-and-forth interactions between users and the bot rather than binary “yes” or “no” responses

  • Easy data insertion and updates to the bot by ingesting documents or FAQs leading to an ever-growing library of information.

  • Seamless Slack, GSuite, and Microsoft Teams integration

  • Integration with Jira and ServiceNow to automatically create support tickets

  • Customizable analytics dashboard including usage analytics, question insights, frequently asked questions, and bot performance.

  • Configurable interface to integrate with your brand and aesthetics

  • Support for both mobile and web applications

Auxilium has endless possibilities for organizations, from relieving a help desk, to assisting with internal training, to supporting web portal service functions.


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