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AI-powered Data Extraction & Validation for PDFs and Images

EGT's innovative Compono tool changes how federal agencies extract and validate data.

Designed by EGT Labs, our Compono solution was built using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to extract and validate unstructured data across PDF forms, documents, and images. This data validation ensures data is consistent and accurate across documents, regardless of the format of a given document. If the structure of a document or form changes, Compono will automatically continue to extract data without any special configurations. The processing time of scanned documents and images are reduced from days to minutes, eliminating the need to rewrite data that’s already captured on a document (e.g. handwritten notes, free-form text).

Benefits of Compono include significantly reduced processing speeds through automatic data extraction and validation, built-in scalability that processes millions of documents within minutes, a clear and concise audit trail, and data mining for analytics reporting.

  • Turn unstructured forms (PDFs, JPEGs) to structured data

  • Identify form values even when forms change

  • Validate form values and fields

  • Check to ensure form values are consistent across forms

Use Case Example: Homeowner Relief Program. Harris County needs to process 8,200+ claims for homeowner relief program in response to Hurricane Harvey and managing delays. Each claim requires intake specialists to compare and validate more than 20 form sets. Each case must also be validated to ensure that driver’s license, passports, property records, tax forms, insurance records, and application form are all consistent. With Compono, the intake process that currently takes two days is shortened to a few minutes.

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