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eGlobalTech Launches DevOps Factory™

Arlington, VA., (July 20, 2016) – eGlobalTech (eGT) is proud to announce the launch of DevOps Factory™, an end-to-end DevOps Framework and suite of tools tailored for the Federal Government.

DevOps Factory™ is designed to integrate tools and processes supporting IT development and operations, resulting in sustainable and cost-effective solutions that deliver predictable results. This Framework is fully adaptable to Department/Agency-specific policies and procedures, including but not limited, to Systems Development Life Cycle Methodologies, FISMA compliance, and Governance.  Additional benefits include:

  1. Enhanced collaboration between developers, testers, security, and operations engineers through a shared framework

  2. Automated test-driven and behavior-driven development

  3. Continuous improvement through automated reviews and electronic decision-making

  4. Accelerated Authority to Operate (ATO) through continuous and automated security testing, monitoring and compliance.

  5. Accelerated solution deployment, incorporating quality and reliability controls

  6. Automated Operations and Maintenance

DevOps Factory™ has been used at several Federal Departments and has repeatedly proven to achieve these benefits in additional to substantial cost and resource savings.

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About eGlobalTech eGlobalTech (eGT) is a woman-owned, premier IT solutions, development, Cyber Security, and management consulting firm based in Arlington, Virginia. eGT specializes in transforming different technologies and developing solutions to meet our client’s varying business needs. eGT supports multiple federal customers including the Departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, State, Education, Labor, Energy, Defense, and the General Services Administration. For more information, please visit

For More Information, Contact:

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