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Connecting Health Data for Better Outcomes

Customer Challenge

HHS required an independent public facing Open Data platform to meet increasing demand for search and discovery of machine-readable health data. This new platform was expected to provide an intuitive, easy to use web user interface to submit, publish, search and discover and consume simple and complex datasets. In addition, it needed to automatically scale to support increasing numbers of datasets and users.

EGT Solution

Requirements were met utilizing a Blue-Green deployment strategy ensured zero-downtime during release deployments and operations of Applying user-centric design principles, we rapidly prototyped UI wireframes and iteratively tested and refined them through usability testing.

These designs were transformed into functional software leveraging best-of-breed 100% open source technologies delivered through a fully automated continuous delivery pipeline.

EGT’s Blue-Green deployment strategy ensured zero-downtime during release deployments
  • First production release of deployed in less than 2 months

  • Cloud-first, Mobile-first and API-first solution that helped extend access, adoption and integration with over 30 different health data providers

  • Number of cataloged datasets increased from 200 to 1700 in less than 1 year

  • New system releases delivered to production every week

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