Volans information is
easily shared for public
viewing through its 3D
visualization website,
videos, and boards
of air traffic data for
public meetings.


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Case Study 3


In early 2021, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) solicited public’s comment to inform noise mitigation and policy. The public was invited to comment on the applicability and impact of research recommendations with the objective to reduce noise and overflights in communities around airports. Decisions centered around ways to modify flight procedures and, when possible, disperse the operations, keep aircraft higher longer, and relieve populated areas by relocation of tracks. All actions were intended to reduce noise and overflights in communities around airports.

As part of the effort to solicit feedback, the FAA launched a multiprong approach to community engagement including publication of a webpage outlining noise analysis, complaint submission, information on community engagement and research programs. The FAA wen ton to host a series of townhall events using the Innovation Lab's Virtual Lobby tool to stakeholders  to relevant Volan generated videos and interactive website.

Results Delivered

An essential goal was reaching a shared understanding of the data and parameters amongst stakeholders. To this end, VOLANS®, Tetra Tech’s proprietary 3D airspace visualization and environmental software tool, was employed. Tetra Tech developed data rich graphics and videos to help facilitate the discussions and communicate effectively with community stakeholders and a virtual meeting space was created to further support public engagement. Volans draw from a terabytes of worldwide air traffic data while providing a visually stunning, easy to use, responsive, and functionally rich visualization tool.

Today, the FAA uses Volans for air space planning, flight public outreach meetings, educational videos on FAA websites, and social media. FAA clients include the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and MetroPlex offices. Additionally, Volans integrates with the FAA’s Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) to streamline processing for noise contours, fuel burn, and emissions data for major airports.

Technologies Utilized

Java and NASA Worldwind.

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Visualizing Data to Enhance Communication