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The solutions proposed would speed the response time, add value by increasing accessibility, introducing analytics, and result in cost savings.


Business POC:

Gabriel Romero




Technical POC:

Manasa Pandurangi

SME I/Tech Lead


Case Study 1


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Noise Portal was receiving 300+ inquiries/month with a average of 15 days for the submitter to obtain a response from the FAA. Additionally, the FAA reported user frustrations navigating the site and finding non-technical answers to questions. A solution was sought to sooth negative sentiment and reduce costs of supporting public inquiry. 

Results Delivered

The Innovation Lab team would go on to speed the response time, improve the sentiment issue, add value by increasing accessibility, introduce analytics, and result in cost savings. The bot was designed to communicate with a broad audience in 55 languages, utilizing the Natural Language Process (NLP) which adheres to the FAA’s vision of equitable public service. 

Auxilium is a smart and interactive Chatbot that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to provide relevant answers to user questions within millisecond. The use of machine learning technologies allows the Chatbot to become smarter over time, learning from different user conversations while progressively providing more accurate and relevant responses.

Once implemented, the bot fed an analytics dashboard that generates insights on the most important questions users are asking and response accuracy rates. Auxilium’s responses were further augmented by the addition of Volans, Tetra Tech's 3D airspace visualization solution that shows real-time flight paths and arrival procedures, increasing the value of answers with visualization technology for greater clarity and planning.

Technologies Utilized

React JS and Amazon Web Service(AWS) AI Services

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Auxilium Chatbot Solution