Placeholder quote, amazed by the progress you and the team were able to make in such a relatively short period of time. I particularly appreciate the metrics that objectively demonstrate our [Federal] team’s engagement with you and your team. 

Case Study 1


Text to come here a premier customer posed a challenge to our internal Innovation Lab team. The PMs and the Program Management Office (PMO) struggled with juggling multiple project management applications, preventing oversight at the level the project demanded, and creating a cumbersome pathway to achieving priority activities. 

The siloed data did not allow for project-supporting analytics in real-time or easy monitoring of the status of activities. Concerned this could lead to avoidable risk due to the fragmentation, and unable to provide real-time status reporting and monitoring, the Innovation Lab task took on urgency. Peripherally, the PMs hoped to reduce time spent from sign-on to data aggregation, and ultimately streamline the project management process to the customer’s benefit.

Results Delivered

The Innovation Lab team baselined the process steps, assessing user behaviors, the security and time demands, and prioritizing the goals targeted. They identified a best fit technical solution with PEGA to streamline the project management demands. Conversion to PEGA eliminated use of multiple internal websites and applications needed to find information, coalescing data into a centralized site.  Services such as human resources, finance, and risk monitoring were consolidated. 

The PEGA single-site solution generated real-time status monitoring on each program, benefiting the PMO and customer governance. The data was now quarriable. Tailored data searches now informed of trends and fed decision-making. Risk issues could be spotted in advance and mitigated quickly.

The solution’s greater strength is in being customizable to the customer environment and mission changes. Innovation Lab’s can apply this same solution to any customer we support fitted to that customer’s priorities.

Technologies Utilized

Pega Platform 8.3.6 by Pegasystems Inc. ​


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