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eGlobalTech Wins NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions Contract

Arlington, VA (February 11, 2019) – eGlobalTech, a leading cloud service provider, is pleased to announce that the company was awarded the National Association of State Procurement Officers (NASPO) ValuePoint Master Agreement for Cloud Solutions through 2026. Under this Agreement, eGlobalTech will provide participating states, local governments, and educational institutions with high quality, cloud-based services […]


Part 1: Microservices & Containers – A Happy Union

Software applications have been following a standard design approach for decades: teams build and configure databases, they implement server-side services and features, and they develop a user interface that makes interactions between their application and users possible. These three main components are usually complex, have many interdependencies, and can be an entire application or system. […]

Building Cybersecurity Awareness for a Healthcare Evolution

Improving the cybersecurity landscape and meeting the ongoing security demands placed on our clients is a priority for eGlobalTech (eGT). Our Cybersecurity Solutions Practice provides end-to-end services to proactively prevent cyber-attacks, by providing innovative solutions to optimize organizational performance and efficiency and build experienced teams to support our clients with their mission needs. For the past […]

DevSecOps and Espier Achieve Authority to Operate Faster

The ATO Journey & Its Challenges The Authority to Operate (ATO) is a formal declaration and approval that a software environment is ready to be deployed onto a federal production environment. Achieving an ATO includes a long and careful process that requires evaluating each tool in the technology stack and ensuring that it won’t place […]


eGlobalTech Awarded Health IT Services SIN by GSA

Arlington, VA (December 4, 2018) – eGlobalTech, a leading IT, cybersecurity, and management consulting firm, announced today that the General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded Health IT Special Item Number (SIN) 132-56 on the company’s GSA IT Schedule 70. Under this SIN, the services offered by eGlobalTech include: Connected health Electronic health records Emerging research […]


eGlobalTech Awarded Cloud SIN by GSA

Arlington, VA (November 28, 2018) – eGlobalTech, a leading IT, cybersecurity, and management consulting firm, announced today that the General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded Cloud Specialty Item Number (SIN) 132-40 on the company’s GSA IT Schedule 70. The cloud SIN has several sub-categories: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and […]

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Demystified: Understanding RPA and Its Applications

INTRODUCTION TO RPA The computing industry has evolved from mainframe computers that physically took up entire buildings, to the microprocessor in the 1970s, to present-day smartphones and tablets that have more processing power than mainframe computers ever had. This evolution introduces more opportunities to automate our daily tasks and workflow, examples of which we have […]

eGlobalTech Awarded HACS Cybersecurity SINs by GSA

Arlington, VA (November 6, 2018) – eGlobalTech, a leading IT, cybersecurity, and management-consulting firm, announced today that the General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded two Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) Special Item Numbers (SINs) on the company’s GSA Information Technology Schedule 70. Any government agency can now access eGlobalTech services under the following SINS: 132-45B […]

Disrupting Government Healthcare with Blockchain

BACKGROUND The healthcare industry has witnessed a surge of innovation in the past few years, fueled by advances in information technologies such as cloud, mobility, and data analytics. However, with the advent of blockchain, there has been a sudden surge of new and disruptive ideas promising generational transformation of how business is conducted in the […]


eGlobalTech to Form Joint Venture with Chainbridge Solutions

Arlington, VA (September 25, 2018) – eGlobalTech, a leading DevOps, Cloud Migration, and Cybersecurity consulting firm, announced today that it entered into a Small Business Administration Mentor-Protégé arrangement with Chainbridge Solutions. Chainbridge is an 8(a)-certified agile software development company focused on delivering smart, innovative, and secure applications. The two companies have formed a joint venture […]