Employee Testimonials

“eGlobalTech’s greatest strength is its people, both in the individuals it attracts and the environment and culture that is fostered. As employees, we are encouraged to grow within the fields we are most interested and are not locked into a specific role or focus, which means you have a chance every day to make a significant impact. The organization remains successful by limiting the levels of hierarchy and enabling its professionals to hit the ground running from day one, providing all of the support and access required to get the job done.”

— Senior Director

“eGlobalTech has exceptional talent that delivers in a fast-paced, challenging environment. It’s not always easy to keep top-notch players on the field, but eGlobalTech has demonstrated not only a unique eye for attracting the best people, but fostering their development and demonstrating loyalty at all levels. Whether it’s the executive’s open-door policy or the high-level work we target, eGlobalTech is unique among companies in this space. It’s a place where A-players work and prosper.”

— Project Manager

“eGlobalTech has been extremely supportive of my professional career and encouraged the growth of both corporate-facing and client-facing skills. Through both financial and advisory support, eGT has provided significant opportunities that I would not have found at a larger company. This has provided me with the necessary upward mobility to move from a Junior Consultant to a Task Lead in a short period of time.”

–Senior Consultant

“Working at eGlobalTech is a wonderful experience. I learn something new every day because I’m surrounded by smart, creative professionals. There is also a team spirit here, everyone rolls up their sleeves to help get the job done. I enjoy coming into the office and knowing that I’m part of a team achieving amazing goals throughout the year.”


“My experience at eGT has brought me together with some of the smartest people I know.  Working collaboratively with my coworkers has been a rewarding experience that’s given me tremendous professional growth as well.”


“eGlobaltech is a place where you can be a part of a capable and supportive team.  No matter what the challenge, everyone comes together to get the job done. Working with such a great group of people makes coming into work each day a pleasure and a privilege.”


“At eGlobalTech, you do not feel like you are ‘just a number’, but a valuable team asset. At eGT you are able to form direct relationships with senior leadership, work on leading-edge projects in the Government consulting field, and develop valuable technical and communication skills to help advance your career. It is a small enough company that you feel part of a community, but large enough that there is still upward mobility and opportunities for growth on multiple projects.”

–Senior Consultant

“eGlobalTech is a very fun and exciting place to work! There’s a ton of super smart and talented people who work here. If you’re looking to work on the cutting edge of Federal IT management consulting, eGlobalTech is the place for you!”


eGT is a dynamic cutting edge place to work at. The home office as well as the on site client staff are some of the best and brightest to work for and work with. I have been with eGT almost 5+ years now and feel fortunate and privileged to be part of a growing great team.

-Project Manager