Specialized Services

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Implement mission focused services with eGlobalTech’s dedicated Subject Matter Experts. eGlobalTech collaborates closely with customers to determine specific business requirements and build a team of expert personnel who can successfully meet each of them.

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Freedom of Information Act

eGlobalTech has developed a proven, efficient, and documented framework to expedite the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request/response process and ensure proper information is provided within cost and on schedule. eGlobalTech has the capability to implement processes and procedures that quickly, efficiently, and accurately remediate government agency FOIA requests. In addition, eGlobalTech can customize its FOIA services to meet the needs of each client. Our FOIA team provides experienced FOIA analysts and attorneys to the federal government. Their expertise includes:

  • FOIA regulation compliance
  • Incoming request analysis
  • Electronic request tracking (database)
  • Document bracketing and redaction
  • FOIA correspondence preparation
  • Communication with submitters and requesters
  • Program-wide document search coordination
  • Response-time scheduling and negotiation
  • Completion of request reviews (release of appropriate materials)
  • FOIA Exemption(s) application

Engineering Services

eGlobalTech provides Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) services to monitor the reliability of aeronautical components by using historical maintenance and operational data and statistical methods. The types of services that we provide include:

  • Material characterization of aerospace materials including metals, plastics, and organic and non-organic coatings. Identification of aerospace coatings to meet military specifications, proper use, and application.
  • Engineering design of new components and modifications to current designs, encompassing testing, and evaluation of new and modified designs.
  • Study, analyze, and compile reports with recommendations on corrosion prediction computational modeling of interacting environmental corrosion variables.
  • Technical Aerospace Engineering coordination to perform aircraft mishap analysis and to assist in resolving material failures and/or material performance deficiencies.
  • Conduct analysis and apply engineering findings from comprehensive technical review(s) of literature published within the Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard, Department of Defense, and other agencies.