Information Technology Solutions

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Focus on the development and deployment of IT solutions using eGlobalTech’s disciplined agile methodology tailored for the Federal Government. Our award winning team consists of technical architects and developers who specialize in today’s leading technologies.


Systems Development and Integration

We provide end-to-end systems development and integration services following an Agile Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) model. Our software engineers have broad and deep expertise in various open source and commercial technologies and tools, which results in sophisticated and highly scalable enterprise applications and systems. Our expertise includes both traditional and cloud-based platforms.

Agile Development & DevOps

eGlobalTech has firmly established itself as an agile software development leader in the Federal marketplace. Our services are uniquely tailored to meet Government requirements, allowing us to leverage open source technologies and agile development practices to deliver next generation solutions (software, websites, web applications, and mobile applications). Our team of developers – experts in Scrum, XP, Kanban, and SaFE – have a proven track record of frequently and consistently delivering high-quality solutions while minimizing project overhead and increasing business value. In addition, our approach integrates DevOps by widening Agile principles beyond the boundaries of the code to encompass the entire delivered service.

Data Center Consolidation

eGlobalTech’s service offerings include the preparation, planning, analysis, architecture development, and implementation steps required to achieve optimal data center consolidation using virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

Infrastructure Optimization

eGlobalTech designs and manages innovative IT infrastructure solutions that provide reliability, scalability, performance, and security. To support this service offering, eGlobalTech has developed a web-based computational engine that enables our clients to calculate total cost of ownership, infrastructure, or application services; perform a “cause-effect” analysis to determine potential cost savings as a result of modernization or consolidation; and project their expenditures over five years.

Agile Coaching

eGlobalTech is a leader in Federal Government agile transformation.  Our certified practitioners collaborate closely Chief Information Officers and IT project teams to integrate agile processes into life cycle management methodologies, successfully comply with Federal Enterprise Architecture and IT Security requirements, and to guide development efforts towards successful completion.  Our firm specializes in multiple agile methodologies including Scrum, XP, Kanban and SaFE frameworks, with a unique ability to tailor each one to specific client domains.

Big Data

To meet mission needs, the Government is going to have the use the vast amounts of complex data that it collects, in various formats, to improve decision-making.  This type of data, referred to as Big Data, is typically unstructured, thereby making it difficult to analyze.  eGlobalTech has helped multiple Federal Agencies overcome this challenge by implementing solutions with:

  • Scalable Infrastructures
  • Core technologies for Big Data Analytics
  • Seamless integration with legacy environments