Cloud Computing

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Transform your organization with Cloud Computing services that enable maximum business agility. eGlobalTech is a recognized leader in Federal Cloud Computing, helping agencies to fully realize the benefits of this new technology paradigm.


Cloud Computing Planning

This service offering includes a comprehensive IT portfolio and business needs analysis to develop an enterprise-wide cloud computing strategy, acquisition guidelines, and standards. eGlobalTech’s experts evaluate investments to determine their viability for deployment in a cloud-based environment and perform total cost of ownership and technical evaluations to determine if cloud computing is the best option. Combined with our training and change management capabilities, our clients will have a detailed roadmap for cloud computing based upon their unique business needs and requirements.

Cloud Computing Migration

eGlobalTech assists with “Migrating to the Cloud” by providing the following support:

  • Selecting the right vendor and service mix to support business needs
  • Creating a smooth migration process for infrastructure, platforms, and applications
  • Rolling out initial proofs of concept to increase buy-in and mitigate risk
  • Planning and automating the deployment process
  • Developing operational, management, and security procedures for cloud operations

Cloud Security

Through our experience with collaborating with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to define Federal Cloud Computing standards and controls, and through our work in establishing the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), eGlobalTech has in-depth expertise in assessing the security of cloud-based solutions. This expertise includes identifying unique vendor and consumer responsibilities for major security control families as they apply to different cloud models.